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Nexxo S.A release its campaign: "let´s do it well planned"

Gladly, Nexxo S.A showed its campaign "let´s do it well planned" created by Risk Prevention Area, which is looking for avoid operational failures and also accidents at work. For that, this campaign trains our workers about the correct planning related to work and team.

Rodrigo Vera, Risk Prevention Assistant Manager, points out the importance of the campaign: "every time, an accident with high or low risk is investigated, an investigation of the causes has to be determinate, and the one that has been repeated over again is the absence or insufficient planning, generally all the causes are resolved with corrective systems, except planning, because it´s too extensive and that´s why we have decided to face it from the simplest to the more complex side, starting with a campaign that allow us first to understand its importance and from then on give it the value and use it on each one of our works. That´s the key of success regarding security and obviously, the business…"

During this month, the campaign "let´s do it well planned" has been showed in the south of Chile, covering all our business lines, as well as other contracts where the company it´s working.

For the next weeks, the campaign will be released along the south of the country and then to the center and north of Chile.