JANUARY, 2017th

Nexxo S.A. is proud to have shown its campaign: "let´s do it well planned" by the Risk and Prevention area which tries to prevent operational failures and at the same time, occupational accidents. That´s why, this campaign teaches our staff about the correct planning of their work, along with team work.

Rodrigo Vera, Risks and prevention sub-manager highlights the importance of the campaign: "every time an accident is under investigation whether is high or low risk, you can determine its cause and the one that keeps repeating is the absence or insufficient planning, normally, all the causes are fixed with a corrective system, except PLANNING, because its treatment is a long process, that´s why we have decided to face it from the simplest to the most complex; starting with a campaign that allow us first, to understand how important is this and from that to value it and to embrace it for each one of our works, from the simplest to the most complex. Hence, the key of success in terms of safety and subsequently, for the business. During this month, the campaign "let´s do it well planned" has been done in the south area of our country, covering all lines of the business, as well as the contracts where the company has been working.