Changing the vanadium converter: Codelco, Chuquicamata


Last year, in Calama, Industrial services spent New Year's Eve doing an important job for our client: CODELCO Norte.

This time, it was turn of the R201 converter, Acid CAP 3 plant. The works started on December the 28th 2016 finishing on January the 17 of this year. 3 grounding where unloaded for this converter, developing the online screening during this unloading. This project was only one of the many topics discussed by the actual integral maintenance contract of the acid plant that we have with Codelco.

A deep cleaning was done to each one of the reaction zones of such equipment, to then start the loading of each one of the grounding, in sequences.

The work was performed within the expected dateline, without incidents that could have damaged the environment nor safety deviation. We highlight the support given by Codelco Chuquicamata´s staff, at all times.