Nexxo S.A. keeps fulfilling new standards regarding mechanical services and catalyst handling; working with multidisciplinary staff, giving efficient productivity performance and keeping a safety history that highlights our name in the field.

Nexxo S.A. supplies petrochemical plants and refineries with the proper staff and equipment. As a result of this commitment we have a complete set of services, as for maritime and land projects. This includes container, tower and catalytic reactors maintenance and start -up.

Using specially designed equipment and trained staff, Nexxo S.A. develops effective and safety catalyst projects with a main target: zero incidents.

• Container and reactor pre-commissioning, inner modifications and mud revamps.

• Reactor´s cooling using a certified liquid nitrogen system.

• Services on toxic and inert atmospheres and hostile and hot environments.

• Loading and unloading catalyst on normal or inert atmospheres. On line automatic screening during works.

• "Blind to blind" service, including hydraulic torque and tightening.

• Vacuum unload with nitrogen recirculation on a closest circuit.

• Container and reactor catalyst loading using certified dense load procedures.

• Tubular reactor´s catalyst loading using UNIDENSE® loading process

• Oxidization and density graduation, Catalyst screening.

• Catalyst storage, transport, and containment (approved by UN).

• DMDS injection.

• Metal recovery and material disposal.

• Catalyst sampling and particle measurement.

• Evaluation and video review.

• Closure planning, developing and coordination.

• Catalyst passivation and activation, Eurecat® catalyst regeneration and reactivation, catalyst final disposal and metal recovery.

•SAS® loading control to sampling the used catalyst for its re-generation.

•Logistic and management for used and new catalysts.