Flushing & Chemical Cleaning

NEXXO S.A. develops flushing and chemical cleanings of circuits for national industry and close countries regarding: paper and cellulose, petrochemical, steel, sea, mining, thermoelectrical power...

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Industrial Services

Nexxo S.A. offers technological and efficient services for the mining, oil & gas, paper and cellulose, food and energy industry. Dredging and liquid, solid separation, pipes hydrostatic tests, decoking and...

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Industrial Maintenance

The current industry that functions on a globalized and very competitive world has an imperative goal: to get that equipment, facilities and services be kept almost the same way as they were at...

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Industrial assembly and works

Nexxo S.A. has a strong image on the industrial assembly, electrical tests, cellulose, mining, sea and petrochemical areas; having a complete quality management system for that; where each one of our processes...

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Nexxo S.A. keeps fulfilling new standards regarding mechanical services and catalyst handling; working with multidisciplinary staff, giving efficient productivity performance and keeping a safety...

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High pressure water cleaning

All the problems due to open surface inlay or inside piping can produce loss of storage capacity, heat transfer or flow. Such inlays may be dissolved using high pressure water blast, which can be launched...

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