Industrial Services

Nexxo S.A. offers technological and efficient services for the mining, oil & gas, paper and cellulose, food and energy industry. Dredging and liquid, solid separation, pipes hydrostatic tests, decoking and ultrasonic inspection of refining process furnace, operative pipeline and distribution pipe cleaning and subdivision tower works for petrochemical.

Decoking and Furnace Inspection

Furnace pigging/ process furnace mechanical decoking / pipelines pre-commissioning / pipes filling and pumping, cleaning, Merlin® ultrasonic pigging/ process furnace pipes NDT inspections/ Merlin® smart pigging together with our Decoking Nexxo-Cokebusters (NCB) unit.

Pipelines Pre-commissioning and Cleaning Service, Mechanical Integrity Analysis

We offer pre-commissioning, cleaning and pipeline distribution, concentration and hydrostatic tests services, among others.

Offline pipelines mechanical pigging service (dry or hydraulic) and "operative" Nspec® concentration and distribution cleaning,

together with Rosen® for pipeline mechanical integrity analysis.

Solid Separation and Dredging

We also offer a solution for the lake, mud waste pooling problem that can also be applied to lixiviation systems, settings and sedimentation pools, concentrator plant pools, process tanks, biological reactors, et al.

Solid Handling Using High Vacuum Truck

Our high vacuum trucks are mainly used for mining, oil and energy industry, leakages and storage tank cleaning. Also, for treatment plant, wells and if they fulfill the safety level standards, they can also be used in farming.

Distillation Column Intervention

Re-building and maintenance/ vessel and column inner installation/ column improvement and modernization/ on site welding coating and modification service/ accessories, piping and container coating/ container and column sections manufacture.