Flushing & Chemical Cleaning

NEXXO S.A.develops flushing and chemical cleanings of circuits for national industry and close countries regarding: paper and cellulose, petrochemical, steel, sea, mining, thermoelectrical power plant and other industrial areas.

Some other applications of chemical cleanings are developed in boilers, heat exchanger, condensate and steam lines, hydraulic and lubricating systems, cooling systems and process lines in general.

For our chemical cleaning services, Nexxo S.A. has a strategical alliance with different companies like: ULI (United Laboratories International, LLC) and ZYME FLOW for process plant decontamination (H2S, Benzene, TRS, LEL) and TRISTAR Petroserv for tank cleaning at refineries.

Regarding fluid Purification and Flushing, Nexxo S.A. has equipment to drag solid particles and keep them in filters that we can find in piping and to microfilter and dehydrate fluids to reach the required cleaning each time.